Restaurant Crashers Promotional Event: Tazza Restaurant from MediaCOM Inc on Vimeo.

To Our Guests:

The Restaurant Crashers are 8 to 10 exciting and sophisticated professionals that will accompany Marcia Scanlon to some of the newest, most authentic and successful restaurants in the Tri-State region. The concept is to advertise these unique restaurants with real people commenting on their favorite dishes of the night. Special drop in guests will add mystique and allure.

The video taped event will provide an entertaining and informative Live restaurant guide to all of 0 Degrees of Separations private group and other media platforms for exposure.

The best of the restaurants features, as well as owners and staff, will be highlighted in the filming to provide an ' Inside Peek' as to what makes this restaurant special and why you would want to go.

Each group will be hand selected by Marcia to maintain the integrity of the group and to provide the proper business introductions.

To Our Sponsors:

The Restaurant Crashers concept was designed to reach this audience for direct advertising purposes, to become a fun and entertaining restaurant guide to a dynamic group of professionals in the Tri-State area.  As the concept catches on with more events the subscriber rate will also reach out beyond this private audience to other media platforms.

The Concept:  To promote and advertise dynamic and successful restaurants in the Tri-State region in an entertaining and informative style called The Restaurant Crashers. 8-10 Dynamic Professionals will be hand selected for each different restaurant.  On different occasions, surprise guests will add intrigue and unpredictability.  It all comes down to interesting, attractive and sophisticated people out having a great time, laughing, eating, sipping exotic cocktails and enjoying a unique restaurant experience.

The guests will be tasting a variety of chosen foods from the menu and commenting on their favorite dishes.  The Restaurant Crashers' professional name and business will also be mentioned as they are commenting on what they liked best.  The advertising is all upbeat, positive, entertaining and meant to highlight and accentuate the unique and amazing characteristics of the restaurant, its history, and its service quality. The concept will also introduce the owner, executive chef, stellar bartenders, and exceptional staff in part of the personality and story-building of the advertising.

The Execution: The event will be professionally videotaped and edited by MediaCom Inc, a partner of 0 Degrees of Separation. MediaCom is a comprehensive video and multimedia-services company with over 30 years' experience. Marcia Scanlon and MediaCom Inc will outline, choreograph and design the event in advance with the approval of the owner or operations manager.

The general concept is to include the best aspects of the restaurants features, delineating points of history and current attractions that create its popularity. We work to produce special moments with the owner meeting the chef in the kitchen, a conversation with a longstanding employee, watching a bartender make his favorite cocktail and other poignant moments.

A special guest may just drop in, such as a local politician, mayor, celebrity guest and other notable citizens. Depending on each event, Michael's Limousine may be utilized to take all the Restaurant Crashers to the restaurant. 

Advertising Exposure: A three week promotional campaign will be designed and produced by 0 Degrees of Separation. These promotions will be email marketed to 0 Degrees of Separation's 4,000+ group in advance of the event date to promote the restaurant: ”Who are the Crashers? Who is going? Where?”

After the event, the professional video will be mass marketed to 0 Degrees of Separation's proprietary professional e-mail and social media followers across the Tri-State region. This select audience is a loyal and captive community and responds directly to all promotions.

Value of Advertising Opportunity: The Restaurant Crasher Concept is evolving with each event. The value of reaching a successful audience directly is unique in the advertising world. That is the asset of 0 Degrees of Separation. As the concept reaches more media platforms and becomes known outside of the 0 Degrees community it will establish an exciting image and brand. This will increase the advertising value and cost.

At this early juncture we are trying to build the concept. With each event new ideas in production have been developed. 0 Degrees of Separation incurs most of the costs at this time to produce a professional promotional campaign and marketing tool for you utilize.

  • Online direct advertising to an upscale Tri-State proprietary 0 Degrees audience to over 4,000+.
  • 8 dynamic professionals to attend as the guests for that night. Hand selected by 0 Degrees of Separation, which may include a well-known citizen, professinonal, politician or special guest.
  • A choreographed and edited professional video produced by MediaCom Inc . 
  • A limousine will utilized as a marketing tool and will include live mention of each restaurant. Will show us getting out in front of the restaurant.