0 Degrees of Separation offers many unique advertising and production opportunities.  
Below are just a few of the great and unique offerings of 0 Degrees:

Video Marketing & Production

Proposal:  To produce and distribute an exciting and informative 90 second commercial that can be utilized as a new marketing and promotional tool for all advertising and social media platforms.  For a smart investment for a multi-facted business person, a video is the modern medium.  Capture and Sell YOU!

Proprietary Concept: The video will be shot in locations that enhance that particular individual's personality for an added touch of personal life.  This breaks the traditional mold of a studio taping and will bring that individual to life in their own unique way.

A simple example may be a financial professional sitting on the back of an old classic convertible and talking about their wealth management firm. This creates intrigue and unpredictability for the viewer, therefore capturing more attention and information.  They walk into your world, so to speak, and you communicate your story and yourself with more availability.  Build trust.  "Why not know who you are doing business with?"

Production Outline to Include:

  • Producion of a 90 second web video by MediCom Inc and 0 Degrees of Separation
  • Pre-Production Planning, including an in-person meeting to strategize on production concept and details of interest
  • An interview-driven story concept (Note: no script to be used or offered in this package)
  • Up to 2 1/2 hours of on-location filming with a camera operator and director
  • Video editing (3+ hours)
  • Addition of basic titles / graphics / special effects / in-house music to the video

Online Marketing & Distribution:  0 Degrees of Separation will design a dynamic and beautiful layout including logos, your new 90 second commercial, graphics, photos, pertinent content and a promotional offer.  This marketing piece will be emailed directly to 0 Degrees of Separation's proprietary and loyal audience of thousands, with a confirmed 40% open rate, ensuring advertising value.  Additionally, your video will be posted and distributed on 0DegreesofSeparation.org and through 0 Degrees' Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube social media pages.

Investment:  For all the above marketing and production, 0 Degrees of Separation is offering this inclusive package at a special rate of $2,500.  To begin the process, we request a 50% deposit, with final balance due upon completion of the commercial.