What is 0 Degrees of Separation?

We Know People That You Should Know.

0 Degrees of Separation is a PR, marketing, new business and networking company. We produce custom designed promotional campaigns and events for our individual clients and companies, advertising your company directly to our private and upscale business community. 0 Degrees of Separation makes introductions to large scale capital projects, major investment opportunities and high level service contracts. We produce and organize exciting business networking events for the selective professional in the Tri-State region. We offer marketing and PR consultation services from our team of experts. 0 Degrees of Separation has a unique asset: We have developed our own proprietary community of very successful and dynamic business leaders spanning all industries, with a focus on the Tri-State region, but reaching across the country.
Founded in 2010 by Marcia Scanlon, having come out of the private aviation, investment banking, advertising and hedge fund sectors, 0 Degrees’ private network of professionals has grown into the thousands. This sophisticated audience has businesses represented in law, medicine, real estate, finance, venture capital, film, television, advertising, private equity, music, art, aviation, automotive, restaurants, hospitality, technology, media, shipping, wealth management, politics, law enforcement, and many more.
We are a modern and evolving company in a fast changing world. Our company’s image and brand demonstrates high level creativity with entertainment to convey messaging and information with energy and excitement which is reflected in all marketing and promotional campaigns.
Our expertise is your Success.

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Marcia Scanlon, Founder
0 Degrees of Separation
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